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After having had a great time holidaying in Malta I decided to put some info on line with useful links and photos, basically stuff I would have liked to have know before I had my first holiday there to get an idea of what is available etc..

Malta is an amazing place with so much to see in such a compact island

Basically the people are great, the food is great, there is so much to see and do and the weather is great most of the year

I have linked a few of the many available tours that are well worth taking especially if this is you first visit, as you can get a good overall idea of what Malta has to offer (Remember these are only some of the operators but this can give an idea of some of the things you might like to do when you get there.)  You can get for example Hop on Hop off bus tours and if you like to revisit an area later you can get a Day Pass for the local buses that cost EURO 1.50 and a 7 Day Pass for EURO 6.50 Young children are Free.  You can get on and off the buses anywhere on the island and have a great day out

The Weather widget below is useful to plan your outings

We stayed in a budget hotel, remember you get what you pay for, all I wanted was a bed and shower, the food was not great but most of the time I ate out and most restaurants I ate at had great food

We first went in winter so the weather was not as sunny or as hot as it was when we went again in summer, and if you like the heat, and swimming summer is great, if you don't want too much heat then winter time is ideal

Most Maltese people speak Maltese and English

So have a look around here and enjoy