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Introduction pages on how this all works

The Numbers on the Guitar Fretboard show the notes of the scale all over the Guitar neck
There are multiple ways to play any scale or mode on a guitar, some examples are shown below

Example 1:-  The C Major Scale ~ Ionian Mode ~ The 1st Mode

The numbers shown on the keyboard are the notes of the C Major Scale
1 = C    2 = D    3 = E    4 = F  etc...

The number 1 is the Key/Tonic note (In this instance the Key of C)
For guitar play the Numbers shown from No.1 consecutively to No.1
When improvising you do not have to play the No's 1 to 1 you can play any of the  No's in  any order,
it all depends on the sound you want.

Example 2:-  C Major Scales ~ Ionian Mode 1 ~ Standard Tuning
Playing Modes from any Scale

It is possible for modes to be generated from any scale as shown in the Example below

Byzantine Scale (Gypsy Scale) 
The Scale Formula: 
1 - b2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - b6 - 7 - 1

The Numbers above the Keyboard show the notes of the Scale.
Play the notes shown under the Numbers.
The 1st Mode of any scale is the 1st note played to the 1st note (Octave)
The 2nd Mode of any scale is the 2nd note played to the 2nd note (Octave)
The 3rd Mode of any scale is the 3rd note played to the3rd note (Octave) etc...

See Examples Below:-
Getting Around the Guitar Neck with Basic Scale Patterns

Guitar Standard Tuning:- 
E - A - D - G - B - E

Example 3:-  The A Major Scale

With  just 4 Scale patterns you can  get around  the  neck of the  guitar in any Key

Example 4:-  The D Major Scale

See how the 4 patterns overlap each other